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Company profile – Ultralen Film GmbH

Outstanding quality, reliability and flexibility, that’s what has characterised the Ultralen Group from day one. With two plants, one located in the extreme southwest of Germany in the border triangle formed by Germany, France and Switzerland, and the other in the North Italian city of Brescia, alongside an additional off-premise warehouse at our Spanish centre, the Ultralen Group offers an extensive range of premium-quality film products for print finishing applications.

As preferred partner of print finishers, printshops and packaging firms, we know what our customers are all about. With a track record spanning more than three decades in the field of BOPP and PET films, we deliver excellent quality, an ideal price-performance ratio, international just-in-time shipping, and all-encompassing customer service. Also, thanks to our global network, we can secure any kind of special-purpose films for you in a flash.

For us, customer service is not a catchphrase. Instead, it is something that is an essential part of our day-to-day operations. As specialists within their their domains of expertise, our staff members will be your trustworthy advisers when it comes to product characteristics and possible applications. Maintaining an extensive field staff network, we are versatile enough to deliver personal customer support at any time, at any place in Europe.

With the entire Ultralen portfolio on stock in a warehouse of more than 32,000 square foot, all products are available at short notice. For many years we’ve been working with well known, reliable logistics partners that will handle orders swiftly and surely across Europe. Ordered today, delivered tomorrow: That is our commitment.

We are fully aware of our responsibility for the environment. That’s why we have optimised our packing process to fully eliminate possible contaminations of the air, soil or ground water. All Ultralen film products can be recycled and reused.