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Explore tactile films and immerse yourself in a multisensory dimension

At Drupa you will have the opportunity to feel firsthand the effects of the materic films range, which you will see at work on laminating systems produced by Tecnomac. 
The materic film range features visual or tactile effects that are ideal for creating original, refined and elegant products.
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Explore innovative and sustainable solutions in our range of protective films

We’re glad to showcase the range of sustainable protective films you’ll find at Drupa, designed to provide environmentally-friendly solutions: WET CELLULOSE ACETATE: Crafted from wood pulp and cotton, this biodegradable and compostable material offers effective protection and unparalleled quality, combined with the highest level of sustainability. DRY CELLULOSE ACETATE: More sustainable than traditional polypropylene films,… View Article

Come and test our gloss, matt and soft scratch-resistand films

During your visit to Drupa, you will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the wide range of scratch-resistant films in action on the laminating systems produced by Tecnomac. These films have been carefully designed to ensure the integrity and aesthetics of your prints.
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Discover the new “Low Impact” film, sustainable and high performing

Discover the new generation of thin, efficient and sustainable protective films. Thanks to an innovative composition with fewer polymers, they offer reliable protection without compromising the environment. With their reduced thickness, they protect prints and enhance them aesthetically, while helping to reduce environmental impact.
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Discover the Latest Innovations at Drupa

ULTRALEN announce its participation in the upcoming Drupa Fair, set to take place in Düsseldorf from May 28th to June 7th. At our booth, our visitors will witness the utilization of our most cutting-edge protective and embellishing films, unveiling a range of new sustainable products. These innovations represent a significant stride towards sustainability, aligning with… View Article