Druckveredelung Ultralen

Print finishing

Our film products are mainly used in graphic applications such as book jackets, advertising folders, magazines, and posters. For this, printed paper and cardboard, mostly in the form of sheetstock, is laminated with OPP or PET film and then coated or, as the case may be, finished with stamping foil. Print finishing is based on dispersion glues or thermal laminating films. This is a classic technique that does not only provide protection from wear and tear but also lends that haptic and visual x-factor to the finished product, turning catalogues, books or greeting cards and other items into much coveted products and facilitating the decision to buy by orders of magnitude. But customers use our films also to laminate labels or even party plates. Critical factors/properties beside quality and pricing include food safety, surface tension, scratch proofness, sheen and possible finishing procedures.

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