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Premium laminating films

OPP laminating films of excellent quality are used in print finishing applications. Ultralen K Wet films are wet laminating products designed for traditional laminating techniques based on aqueous dispersions, solvent glues, UV glues, or food-safe glues. The Ultralen K Wet films are rounded out by Ultralen TK Thermal films, which are pre-coated for heat lamination. These too are pretreated in such a way that lamination may be followed by additional finishing steps.

The vast majority of Ultralen’s films are pretreated on both sides to enable post-lamination finishing steps such as stamping foil printing and UV spot coating: because the visual and haptic experience has a major impact on buying decisions today. A broad spectrum of special-purpose films is available on request. Visit our webstore anytime or use the contact form to get access for placing online orders.

BOPP/OPP and PET laminating films can be used to finish a variety of products. Our range of articles include

  • book jackets
  • business reports
  • brochures
  • catalogues
  • loose-leaves
  • folders
  • folding boxes
  • labels
  • advertising folders
  • menus
  • city maps
  • carrying bags
  • posters
  • credit cards
  • food trays
  • cardboard boxes for high-quality products such as cosmetics, champagne, etc.

There are countless applications for the laminating film. Finishing gives any product a special kind of elegance, with the print colours taking on even more brilliance. Improved protection from abrasion or soiling, in addition to better tear resistance, are further benefits. Additional processing techniques such as coating or stamping foil printing will add thrilling effects to your products. We will be happy to offer you individual advice.

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