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Ultralen’s product portfolio

No matter whether it’s conventional laminating techniques or heat laminating films: Ultralen offers a wide range of high-quality BOPP and PET films for all applications. Our products fall into two categories: ULTRALEN® K (wet films) and ULTRALEN® TK (thermal films).


ULTRALEN® K is a range of BOPP and PET wet laminating films excellently suited for conventional laminating techniques used in the printing industry, such as solvent glues or UV glues. Thermofixed and pretreated on both sides, they allow for additional, post-lamination work steps such as embossing or partial UV coating to the strictest quality requirements.


Our ULTRALEN® TK films come EVA-precoated, which makes them a perfect choice for heat laminating applications. Providing excellent surface protection e.g. against humidity, the films lend an individual touch to any product. What is more, all ULTRALEN® TK films are pretreated to allow for additional, post-heat lamination work steps such as embossing or spot coating, superior results guaranteed.

A selection of our ULTRALEN® K films:

// Wet laminating films

  • Ø K 12 Gloss – 12 mic, two sides corona, transparent, gloss
  • Ø K 17 Ultrasoft – 17 mic, one side corona, one side velvet touch
  • Ø K 16 Scratch-proof matt film – 16 mic, one side corona, one side scratch-proof
  • Ø K 30 Leather texture – 30 mic, one side corona, one side flames pretreated
  • Ø K 30 Pearl – 30 mic, one side corona, one side flames pretreated
  • Ø K 12 Petmet silver– 12 mic, one side chemical pretreatment, one side silver metallised

A selection of our ULTRALEN® TK films:

// Heat laminating films

  • Ø TK 27 Semi-matte – 27 mic, one side semi-matte, one side corona
  • Ø TK 50 Fine linen – 50 mic, one side EVA-glue coated
  • Ø TK 30 Nylon gloss – 30 mic, one side EVA-glue coated, breathable
  • Ø TK 28 Scratch proof matte film – 28 mic, one side EVA-glue coated, one side scratch-proof
  • Ø TK 35 HT Digital high-gloss – 35 mic, one side EVA-glue coated, one side glossy

One-stop Ultralen service

For us, customer service is not a catchphrase. Instead, it is an essential part of our day-to-day operations. As specialists within their their domains of expertise, our staff members are your trustworthy advisers in all questions surrounding product characteristics and possible applications. Maintaining an extensive field staff network, we are versatile enough to deliver personal customer support at any time, at any place in Europe. With the entire Ultralen portfolio on stock in a warehouse of more than 32,000 square foot, all products are available at short notice. For many years, we’ve been working with well known, reliable logistics partners that will handle orders swiftly and surely across Europe. Ordered today, delivered tomorrow: That is our commitment.

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