Explore innovative and sustainable solutions in our range of protective films

Maggio 24, 2024 4:47 pm Pubblicato da

We’re glad to showcase the range of sustainable protective films you’ll find at Drupa, designed to provide environmentally-friendly solutions:

WET CELLULOSE ACETATE: Crafted from wood pulp and cotton, this biodegradable and compostable material offers effective protection and unparalleled quality, combined with the highest level of sustainability.

DRY CELLULOSE ACETATE: More sustainable than traditional polypropylene films, this material boasts a partially natural composition (approximately 50% of the total), delivering unmatched quality and aesthetics.

WET PLA: Derived from natural sources like corn, beetroot, and sugarcane, this biodegradable and compostable material presents a highly eco-friendly choice for your productions.

WET PET PCR: With 90% recycled resins, primarily sourced from water bottles, this film supports a circular and sustainable approach, aiding in the reduction of plastic waste.

DRY LOW IMPACT – THIN FILMS: With reduced environmental impact compared to conventional films, this range of thin films offers excellent functional features with a more sustainable environmental footprint.

At Drupa, you can explore all these films for responsible and environmentally-conscious printing.
You can also witness demonstrations of these films on TECNOMAC equipment at our shared booth (Hall 1 – A12). They will also be utilized on equipment from SYNERGY EUROPE GROUP (Hall 11 – A60) and from KOMFI (Hall 6 – A41).