ULTRALEN® and the environment

Manufacturing process

Polypropylene (PP) is derived from crude oil and consists to 100 % of hydrocarbon. PP granules are converted into film through extrusion without any pollution of air, water or ground during the manufacturing process.

Film regeneration

A certain proportion of graded PP film waste can be reintegrated into the film manufacturing process without any detriment to product properties. A further part of film waste is agglomerated and used, for example, by mono filament manufacturers to produce bristles.

Composite recycling

Under appropriate conditions, paper and cardboard can be recycled after separating the ULTRALEN® film from the cellulose fibres. Within admissible limits, paper or cardboard laminated with ULTRALEN® film can be integrated directly into the manufacturing process of "grey" paper.

Disposal of ULTRALEN® film

ULTRALEN® film can be land filled as normal waste without pollution of air, water or ground or risk of toxic leakage.


ULTRALEN® film is safe to incinerate, yielding carbon dioxide and water without toxic residuals. As a crude oil derivative, PP has a high calorific value. Therefore, depending on the proportion of PP in household waste, it helps save auxiliary energy in refuse incinerating plants. Moreover, the energy content of PP is used even more efficiently in plants using the heat of combustion to generate heating steam or electricity.

The aforementioned data are given most conscientiously, but without any obligation. Any processing details are provided merely for guidance : it remains the user’s responsibility to check the suitability of the product for the intended application.